Audi R8 spider


The new Audi R8 Spyder is here and is quite capable of silencing the critics. As per the new spy pictures, the car looks stunning in its brave chocolate brown hue and uber-cool looks. Recent pictures show the car with its top down. More pictures with its top up will be revealed at the Frankfurt Auto Show next week.


Official details of the car will be revealed at the Show but it is expected that it will have flagship 518bhp 5.2-litre V10 engined form, with four-wheel drive and the option of a six-speed manual or semi-automatic R-tronic gearbox.


Without its distinctive blades, the R8 looks almost like a smaller, smoother Lamborghini product, with a subtle curve to the lines that makes it perhaps sexier than anything the Italian company has put out recently.


Its exterior design and style is not much different from its hard top model. Along with the removal of the roof, the sideblades have been dispatched in favor of a large set of scoops ahead of the rear wheels, while the windshield gets framed in brushed aluminum and a set of vented bulges trail backward from the two seats.


The “V10” badge is clearly visible on the front fender. Other trim details are carried over from the V10 coupe as well, such as the twin oval tail pipes, chrome-trimmed front grille and shiny black trim.



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