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data.jpgThe open-top, four-seater GranCabrio offers the chance to share a fantastic driving experience with those you love, one enhanced by top quality materials, the aroma of prestigious woods and refined leather. GranCabrio is Maserati’s exclusive take on the need to live exciting experiences in company as opposed to the mania of owning things just for the sake of it.

GranCabrio is designed for those who take pleasure from good taste and who appreciate Italian power and elegance. However, they do not want to be limited by using the car just as a couple or not being able to at all because there is a new addition to the family. In the GranCabrio the joy of sharing experiences reaches previously unattainable heights.


The Maserati GranCabrio manages to be both dynamic and elegant. The car draws its inspiration from the GranTurismo, an example of the perfect synthesis of modernity, sensuality and passion.

Created by master coachbuilder Pininfarina, the GranCabrio is characterised by its soft-top roof. This styling bonds the GranCabrio closely with the company’s refined traditions.

When closed, the rear pillar – one that does not, in fact, exist – is mimicked in the hood’s smart, forward-slanting design, giving the GranCabrio the dashing looks of a coupé.


Once open, the Maserati GranCabrio transforms into an astounding cabriolet, free to show off all its sinuous, feline beauty. The vibrant side-on view is accentuated by the reduced ground clearance and long bonnet. A stylish ‘V’ points towards the grille, in the middle of which is a large chrome Trident.

The flanks also feature chrome elements that give the GranCabrio some added gloss. One particularly goodlooking feature is the continuous chrome trim that encircles the cabin and integrates with the third rear stop light.

The shape of the GranCabrio is the result of extensive aerodynamic testing aimed at limiting the drag typical of droptop cars. The GranCabrio boasts a Cx coefficient that is one of the best in its class: 0.35 with the hood up and 0.39 with it down. The spoiler and rear diffuser both contribute to obtaining top draw roadholding.


The Maserati GranCabrio is the only real droptop in its class to offer enough space for four adults, seated in an elegant and luxurious cabin. The space inside is much greater than the average for its category and ensures the maximum comfort even for passengers in the rear.

The interior is divided by a central tunnel that distributes the space between the occupants along the car’s length. The dashboard extends horizontally and its upper section features a characteristic ‘V’, a distinctive Maserati symbol.


The engine on the Maserati GranCabrio is an eight cylinder, 4691cc V90° capable of developing 440 bhp at 7000 rpm and with a peak torque of 490 Nm at 4750 rpm. The power unit uses the advanced technology typical of all Maserati engines. This allows the declared power figures to be reached, ensures smooth gear changes and a quiet engine.

The timing is actioned by two overhead camshafts per bank and four valves per cylinder controlled by hydraulic tappets. The overhead camshafts on the aspirated side are controlled by a low pressure, continual phase variator, a technical solution that, together with the optimisation of the combustion chamber, allows 82% of the maximum torque from 2500 rpm for a superb overtaking, even in high gears.


The Maserati GranCabrio features a six-speed, ZF automatic transmission with a hydraulic torque converter to give extremely fluid gear shifts while maintaining the characteristics of the sporty V8 engine.

The transmission has four modes and is also fitted with self-adapting control that adjusts the type of gear change to the driving style and road conditions.

In Manual mode, gear changes are sequentially made by the driver via the steering column mounted paddles or the gearstick.

The weight distribution on the Maserati GranCabrio is slightly biased towards the rear with 49% over the front and 51% over the back with the hood up. With the hood down, the front-rear split is 48-52%.


This set up was achieved by stationing the engine behind the front axle and results in true and predictable handling that makes driving easier and renders the car more stable.

The car’s already superb dynamic handling is constantly monitored and optimised by the Maserati Stability Programme (MSP). The MSP kicks in to correct even the hint of a skid by reducing torque. Working with the ABS and EBD, the system stops the wheels locking under braking, distributes the braking between the front and rear axles. It also prevents the wheels spinning on low grip surfaces when accelerating or climbing (ASR and MSR).


Displacement: 4,691 cc
Bore: 94 mm
Stroke: 84.5 mm
Compression ratio: 11.25:1
Maximum power output: 323 kW (440 CV)
Engine speed at maximum power: 7,000 rpm
Maximum torque: 490 Nm (50 kgm)
Engine speed at maximum torque 4,750 rpm
Max engine speed: 7,200 rpm


Length: 4,881 mm
Width (excluding wing mirrors): 1,847 mm
Width (including wing mirrors): 2,056 mm
Height: 1,353 mm
Wheelbase: 2,942 mm
Front track: 1,586 mm
Rear track: 1,590 mm
Front overhang: 873 mm
Rear overhang: 1,066 mm
Turning circle: 12.3 m
Boot capacity: 173 l
Fuel tank capacity: 75 l
Dry weight: 1,887 kg
Curb weight: 1,980 kg
Curb weight + driver: 2,055 kg
Full load weight: 2,280 kg
Maximum weight technically permitted: 2,350 kg
Weight distribution: 49% front; 51% rear (closed)
 48% front; 52% rear (open)



Top speed: 280 km/h
0-100 km/h acceleration: < 5.7 s
0-400 m acceleration: 13.2 s (exit speed 178 km/h)
0-1,000 m acceleration: 23.3 s (exit speed 227 km/h)



Urban: 23.22 (l/100 km)
Extra urban: 10.56 (l/100 km)
Combined: 15.23 (l/100 km)
CO2 emissions (combined cycle): 354.0 (g/km)



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