Mitsubishi Concept-RA

mitsubishi_concept_ra_0_430.jpgMitsubishi unveil the Mitsubishi Concept-RA as an all-wheel-drive sports coupe concept car powered by a 2.2 litre, 4-cylinder turbo-diesel generating 201 horsepower.


The Concept-RA could pave the way for the next Mitsubishi Eclipse, which is probably part of the reasoning behind making the car look like a tuner’s dream. But aside from looking like an extra from a Fast and Furious film the Concept-RA does showcase some decent technology, even if the packaging is less than original.


The Mitsubishi Concept-RA’s Super-All Wheel Control driveline is a next generation all-wheel-drive system that adds Active Steering and Active Suspension control to the ACD, AYC, ASC, and Sport ABS components that comprise the system used on the 2008 Lancer Evolution.


The Concept-RA’s S-AWC system manages these components to control drive torque, steering input, vehicle roll, and braking at each wheel, thereby raising traction, cornering and vehicle stability levels.


Sending power to the 21 inch wheels of the Mitsubishi Concept-RA is a new, high output, high-efficiency 2.2-liter 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve turbo diesel engine with MIVEC4. This clean diesel’s MIVEC system incorporates valve lift control with low and high-speed cam profiles actuating the intake valves.


A Piezoelectric injector, common-rail direct fuel injection system allows the engine to use of a lower static compression ratio. The new diesel showcases a VD/VG (Variable Diffuser / Variable Geometry) turbocharger whose internal vanes can control airflow over the turbine and compressor surfaces to produce optimum boost characteristics at all times.


The efficient, low emissions diesel unit delivers a maximum output of 201 hp (150 kW) and maximum torque of 310 ft-lbs (42.8 kg-m).


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