Honda FC Sport Concept

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Honda surprised the motoring world with the release of the radical and futuristic Honda FC Sport, a three-seat Hydrogen-powered design study that hints at the future of Honda sports cars to come.

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Using the Honda V Flow fuel cell setup already found in the Honda FCX Clarity, the FC Sport is the supercar to the FCX’s stately sedan. The stunning design is meant to invoke the concept of a high-performance, low-weight hydrogen sports car.

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The FC Sport can be summed up like this: Imagine beating your best lap time while hearing nothing but the tires rubbing the tarmac and the quiet buzz of the high-torque electric motors.

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 Picture a true no-holds-barred supercar with all the speed, handling and sleek looks of today’s fastest sports cars, yet without the noise, heat, vibration and emissions of the internal-combustion engine.

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Built as a design study, the FC Sport demonstrates Honda’s vision for making environmentally responsible vehicles that are also fun to drive. The “FC” stands for “Fuel Cell” as in hydrogen fuel cell—the same technology powering the FCX Clarity.

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With a 3-seat, driver-centered cockpit, a fuel cell powerplant opens the door for unprecedented engineering flexibility, allowing for a lower center gravity than any modern, piston-engined sports car.

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The FC Sport is symbolic of a future in which alternative fuel and zero emissions will rule the sports car world.

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