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Unveiled at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show the Suzuki P.X. represented a completely new shape and style for the company – one which they have not repeated since.

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Designed – according to Suzuki – to fulfill the requirements of middle aged Japanese men (yeah seriously), the P.X. was a minivan concept which got its styling inspiration from the American Airstream caravans.

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This influence can be seen in the curved yet simple shapes, the exposed rivet-style fixings on the wheel arches, and the highly reflective silver paint.

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The Suzuki P.X. featured a stylish but slightly-to-clinical-to-be-comfortable interior which was characterized by swathes of light gray leather, ice-blue lighting and brushed aluminium surfaces. The PX had three rows of seats – all courtesy of Recaro.

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The second row could be folded away to make room for limousine-style seating for the third-row passengers. The third-row seats also featured a hidden table in the center console with integrated champagne glass holders.

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Powering the Suzuki PX was a 2.0 litre inline four-cylinder engine which turned the front wheels.

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