Opel Calibra – Vauxhall Calibra – Chevrolet Calibra – Holden Calibra

  The Opel Calibra, also known as the Vauxhall Calibra in the United Kingdom, the Chevrolet Calibra in South America, and the Holden Calibra in Australia and New Zealand is a sports car engineered and produced by German automaker Opel between 1989 and 1997, but sold until 1999 in the UK. The Calibra was introduced to counter the Japanese sports … Continua a leggere

New Opel Meriva 2010

  The development of the next-generation Opel Meriva is moving ahead as planned with the German automaker removing more and more camouflage off the prototype models. In these latest scoop photos, the prototype Meriva has lost the confusing chequered black and white taping revealing many details on its design. Even though Opel has attempted to mislead us with a pair … Continua a leggere

New Opel Astra

The New Opel Astra brings many comfort and safety features to the compact class that the Insignia first introduced to mid-sized cars. Exceptional technologies like an all-new mechatronic chassis, the most advanced lighting system, a front camera that recognizes traffic signs and seat technology with the best ergonomics will be available. At 4.42 meters, the new Astra offers increased passenger … Continua a leggere