Toyota GT 86

  Despite the long wait, we still have to give the new GT 86 the prize for the most beautiful sports car of the year. Not only is it a sports car, but it also combines elegance with beauty and aggressiveness. Those that fell in love with the design of the concept will rejoice in the fact that not much … Continua a leggere

Toyota FT-SX

  With a fresh style and bold, commanding frame, the FT-SX is an exploration of an entirely new genre of automobile. Functionality, luxury and sporty performance share the spotlight, and are conveyed visually by its imposing size and sleek silhouette. A powerful V6 engine, all-wheel drive, 21-inch wheels, four doors, an inventive rear hatch and multi-functional glass roof make it … Continua a leggere

Toyota Sienna

  The Toyota Sienna is a family minivan currently manufactured by Toyota at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana in Princeton, Indiana, United States for the North American market. It replaced the first-generation Previa van in 1998 with a more conventional front wheel drive layout and shares a heavily revised platform with the Camry. Both the Previa and original Sienna were smaller … Continua a leggere

Toyota Endo

  Toyota Endo is a concept vehicle which is a tiny vehicle with two doors and is a three seater. There is a fourth seat also which folds down. The Frankfurt Motor Show premiered the Endo in 2004. The Toyota Endo is the third concept car which was presented by the ED2, the European Design studio. This presents with the … Continua a leggere

Toyota Hilux

  Want something solid and exciting for both on the road as well as off-road?  Check out the Toyota Hilux pickup.  With the reputation of Toyota dependability behind it, the Hilux will surpass your needs with fantastic performance, handling and comfort.  The new Hilux looks superb from any angle and comes in many different models. The single cab 2WD models … Continua a leggere

Scion xD

  The Scion xD is a five-door hatchback subcompact marketed in the US by Japanese automaker Toyota beginning with the 2008 model year — replacing the xA. The Scion xD and the second generation xB were first shown to the public on February 8, 2007 at the Chicago Auto Show. The xD appeared in Scion showrooms in summer 2007. The … Continua a leggere

Aston Martin Cygnet

Aston Martin has developed a new luxury commuter concept; the ‘Cygnet’ which will offer customers a distinctive, intelligent and exclusive solution for urban travel in style and luxury. The concept will offer Aston Martin trademark design in a commuter car package based on the critically acclaimed Toyota iQ with a Euro NCAP 5-star safety package. The ‘Cygnet’ concept represents a … Continua a leggere

Toyota Supra – fourth generation (1993-2002)

Mark IV (1993-2002) With the fourth generation of the Supra, Toyota took a big leap in the direction of a more serious high performance car. Test model pre-production started in December 1992 with 20 models, and official mass production began in April 1993. The new Supra was completely redesigned, with rounded body styling and featured two new engines: a naturally … Continua a leggere

Toyota Supra – third generation (1986-1992)

Mark III (1986-1992) In the middle of 1986, Toyota was ready to release its next version of the Supra. The official model year is designated as 1986.5. The bonds between the Celica and the Supra were cut; they were now two completely different models. The Celica changed to front wheel drive, while the Supra kept its rear wheel drive platform. … Continua a leggere

Toyota Supra – second generation (1982-1986)

Mark II (1982-1986) In 1982, Toyota completely redesigned the Celica Supra as well as the entire Celica lineup. In Japan, they were known as Celica XX, but everywhere else the Celica Supra name stuck. Still being based around the Celica platform, there were several key differences, most notably the design of the front end and fully retractable pop-up headlights. Other … Continua a leggere